● Fanless Design
● Alder Lake-N (Intel 12th Gen.)
● Network Appliance

Intel® Alder Lake-N Processors

RN28 adopts the formidable Intel Alder Lake-N processors, manufactured using an Intel 7 process. The network appliance adopts Processor N100 with 4 Cores and 4 threads. Meanwhile, RN28 features TDP under 15W, which provides superior processing power while minimizing energy consumption.

6 x Intel i210AT Network Controller

Designed for faster, more flexible connections, the RN28 comes with two Gigabit RJ-45 supporting a BYPASS pair on Lan 1-2, four Gigabit RJ-45 supporting PoE, allowing fast and direct connections. The RN28 also provides wireless flexibility, supporting Wi-Fi 5/6/6E

PoE Support

RN28 is equipped with four RJ45 ports that support Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. Each of these ports is capable of delivering up to 30W of power. This design combines data connectivity and power delivery, simplifying network setup while providing seamless power to PoE-compatible devices.

Fanless Design

Featuring fanless design, this network appliance is perfect to be used in noise-sensitive environments.

SKU: 40100-311